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During the period of  2017-2020 our Тeam together with international Partners developed and implemented the Project "SUPER". The aim of the Project was to deal with weak or uncertain environmental resilience of the unique pilot territories with the high recreational load. The SUPER Project focused on environmental sustainability state of four unique UNESCO natural and cultural heritage sites in the Republic of Karelia and Finland
In the Summer 2019 our Team together with project Colleagues prepared and conducted the Super Expedition, i.e. two field work trips to Vodlozersky Biosphere Reserve and Kizhi State Open Air Museum. Based on Expedition's findings the DPSIR (Drivers, Pressures, State, Impact and Response) Framework as a casual model of interventionhave been developed by the UB Team and applied to all studied sites.
DPSIR Report and video about the project presented on this page show the work and future potential for similar projects.

Published 29.04.2021

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Click to read the DIPSIR Report

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