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National Park "Vodlozersky",  Karelia

Federal state budget-funded institution National Park “Vodlozersky” is a conservation, research and environmental education institution whose aim is to conserve the natural complexes and sites of special environmental, historical and esthetic value, which are to be used for nature protection, education and awareness-building, scientific and cultural purposes, and for controlled tourism. Since 2001, Vollozersky National Park has the status of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

NEA, Norway

Nordic Eurasia Association is a Norwegian-founded NGO and membership organisation that aspires to support youth with an interest in and knowledge about the wider Eurasian space to use their competence in the interest of sustainable development and bettered neighbourhood relations. We seek to provide future-makers of the Kolactic region with a plattform to develop their skills and professional network through practical project work, while benefiting from the full support of senior supervisory board members with cross-sectoral experience.  We believe that issues such as energy, nature, sustainable production and waste management as well as attractive and sustainable urban livelihoods unite us across borders. By focusing on these issues we can bring people closer together and make the world a better place to live - for us and for future generations.

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«IT Smart City» is an expert on smart technology market. The company founded in Aplana, the largest Russian IT holding, is currently an equipment supplier to 5 foreign countries, and Russian projects cover the territory from Moscow to Russian Far East.

Our main product is Unilight, a hardware-software system which makes it possible to monitor and manage projects in housing and utilities, energy, safety, industry and transport, to organize received data and generate algorithms for adaptive management of city and industrial infrastructures through one platform. Smart technology reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption.

IoT Experts

SMART Distribution LLC has been offering innovative technologies from global manufacturers as their official distributor in Russia for the IoT-Internet of Things market since 2014.
In 2017, the company received the status of a Spainish Libelium Premium Distributor in the Russian Federation.

In 2019, SMART Distribution LLC was recognized as the most active Libelium distributor at the end of the year.

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Smart Arctic Parks project has been developed and implemented by specialist from SMARTIK Eco-Group (SEG). SEG is a part of Finnish company IoT United/UB that specializes in development and implementation of environmental projects for international eco-communities. It offers number of services focusing on sustainable development as well as technology transfer and adaptation of technological solutions for its customers’ needs.

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