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We met these baby foxes in the middle of summer 2020 quite by accident - the babies went out to bask in the sun by the road. Remembering the place where they we saw tham, we returned there later with some gifts. Despite their small age, the cubs turned out to be quite independent and cautious, they never went out on the road again, and they did not always appear in sight. There were three of them, but their characters were completely different. Several times we came to take pictures of the foxes and easily recognized everyone by their habits.
The most daring and curious was the middle one - we called him Fox. He looked at us without a shadow of fear, walked at a distance of 2-3 meters, responded to the call and could even take a nap in front of us. He took each offered piece carefully and ate it slowly.
The older fox was the largest, strongest and most careful, but really smart (The SMARTIK) and the rest of the foxes respected him. He did not exchange for trifles, but he could not resist a large piece of fragrant meat.
The youngest was the most fearful and greedy. Sensing the food and assessing the situation, he quickly grew bolder, but, unlike the first fox, he gathered a full mouth of the decomposed treat, after which he proudly retired into the bushes, where he immediately ate everything and returned for a new portion, and after he had eaten, he hid the prey there.
We never saw adult foxes there, but the kids did not look hungry, and their behavior changed from day to day - apparently, upbringing played a role. Sometimes the cubs started playing with twigs and leaves, but they were quite aggressive towards each other, their fights did not look like a game - they fought seriously and fiercely.
Each meeting with the foxes gave us unforgettable emotions, but taming wild animals is a great responsibility, so we tried to strike a balance in order to be able to capture natural behavior, but at the same time not harm them.


This Story was written by Elena Valova, also an autor of all related photos

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