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SmartEcoParks Team develops Smart, Sustainable solutions for environmental monitoring at National Parks, Nature Reserves and recreational areas around the world  


Developed technology tackles the common challenge of weakened sustainability of living, work, tourism and recreational environment National Parks and Nature Reserves (SNR).

The evident decline in the environmental sustainability is largely occurring due to increasing anthropogenic impact on the nature and lack of access to the new technologies and solutions improving Parks’ Waste and Water Management (WWM) systems. Our solutions make Parks and any recreational areas more attractive and comfortable to for their visitors, staff and local population.


Oulu, Finland

Alexey Shveykovskiy

Innovation, Director

Tel: +358407461990

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 Benefits for Parks and Nature Reserves, EcoMap

The project activities, IoT solutions, EcoMap, implementation and cross-border cooperation will create considerably lower environmental risks from the current conventional WWM systems in the regions. This will enhance the management of environment, lakes and groundwater in these important National Parks. With the project implementation and communication, project will have an impact to the Parks areas’ residents and visitors for more robust socio-economic development. Thus, making the regions more attractive for living, tourism, recreation and working.

Currentlly running Pilots in Arctic

Two Pilot testing for integration of the Arctic Parks Smart/IoT WWM Systems in one Digital Infographic Ecomap (EcoMap), providing open and specific content to the public and stakeholder based on the information confidentiality and sensitivity principles of the National Parks’ administrations and the WWM systems providers.

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